The Andy Awards

Winners for the 2022 Andy Awards

Nominations for 2023

If you know of someone you’d like to nominate for next years Awards you can do so
by filling out the online form or downloading the PDF and emailing it to


Citizen of the Year

Open to any Kingman resident who has made a major contribution of time and energy toward improving our local quality of life.

Student of the Year

Open to any Kingman student (grade one through college) whose efforts have made a positive impact on our community and who is an exemplary role model for others.

Educator of the Year

Open to any teacher, counselor, school administrator or
member of the clergy who has established himself/herself
as an outstanding role model for students and other educators.

Organization of the Year

Open to any formally recognized non-profit civic group that has made a concentrated effort through its nature or a specific project toward the betterment of Kingman.

Business of the Year

Awarded to any formally recognized Kingman business that has made a deliberate and focused effort, by its nature or through a specific project, to improve our local quality of life while maintaining a rigorous standard of work excellence.

Lifetime Achiever

Open to any Kingman resident who has dedicated his/her
life, year after year, to the advancement of Kingman and
its citizens.

Most Improved Commercial Property

Open to any resident who has upgraded an existing nonresidential building, improving the area and increasing neighborhood property values. At least one photo must be submitted from “Before” and “After”.

Public Service Award

Open to local government employees, fire, police, sheriff, hospitals, or any industry that provides a public service.

Young Professional of the Year

An emerging leader/young professional, not older than 30,
who exemplifies excellence, integrity, and initiative in his or
her profession and is a business role model.

1. Nominate your “Andy” under one of the nine categories above by completing the application.
2.Please note: The nominee listed will be judged exclusively by the information provided on this form. The individual being nominated may not have won an Andy Award in the past 3 calendar years.

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