Reality Store

What is Reality Store?

Reality Store is a program for 8th grade students that opens their eyes to the cost of living. For most students, this experience is the first time they understand what it is like to pay monthly bills based on your income. They get a newfound appreciation for the opportunities that education can provide for them, why it is important to live within your means, and the unfortunate and unforeseen situations we find ourselves in.

How Do We Prepare Students for Reality Store?

Students draw a career which has a corresponding income. They also draw a family situation: whether they are married or single; whether or not they have children. If they are married, they draw a career and associated salary for their spouse.

The Reality Store Process: REALITY SETS IN!

As the student goes through the Reality Store, they choose homes or apartments, transportation, insurance, groceries, utilities, electronics day care, etc., based on their family situation. They learn that in order to live within their means, they must make good choices. They also learn the challenges their parents face in budgeting their family’s wants and needs.

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