County’s Corner – SueAnn Mello – New Property Owners

Kingman, AZ
04/24/2023 09:30 AM

In early August of each year, the Treasurer’s Office receives an electronic file from the Assessor’s Office that contains the property valuation, classification, and the property owner’s mailing address. There is a mid-July cut-off for address/owner updates so the data file can be completed by the Assessor and submitted to the Treasurer’s Office in a timely manner.

Depending on the volume of real estate transactions, this can mean that new property owners who closed their purchase in June or later may not receive a September property tax statement. If the property taxes were not paid through escrow, then they will become delinquent after November 1 and the first notice the new property owner receives is the June delinquency notice. Since the property taxes are now delinquent, interest, penalties, and fees are levied against the account. ARIZONA REVISED STATUES DO NOT GIVE THE TREASURER LEGAL AUTHORITY TO WAIVE THE INTEREST, PENALTIES, OR FEES. This affects less than 1% of our new home buyers but everyone should be aware.

Property owners (new and old) may verify their property tax bill has been paid by visiting the Treasurer’s website at or by calling our office at (928) 753-0737.

If you do not receive a property tax statement in late September, please visit our website for an electronic copy and to submit your payment prior to the delinquent tax deadline.

As a reminder, Mohave County property tax bills are based on a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) with the first installment due October 1. If the property tax bill exceeds $100 then the taxes may be paid in two installments. The first installment is due October 1 and delinquent after November 1. The second installment is due March 1 and delinquent after May 1. Tax bills less than $100 are delinquent if not paid by December 31.

On another note, I have some great news! I negotiated with our vendor, Point & Pay, and have lowered the eCheck charge by 50% from $2 per transaction to only $1. With Point & Pay, you can pay your property taxes with a debit or credit card on-line at our website, over the phone by calling (855) 814-6451 or by visiting our office at the County Administration building located at 700 West Beale Street, Kingman AZ 86401.

Thank you and may God Bless Mohave County!

SueAnn Mello
County’s Corner – SueAnn Mello – New Property Owners
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